The terms of designing & their trends

Designing is a huge term and have many divisions. It is not a wise step to follow the common design trends for all the division. Some element may work well for one & worst for others. Head into the separate trends now!

Designing is the art & designers are the artists. It’s a field of creativity. Designers apply their creativity in each design they create & duplicate designs are never entertained. Hence, each time you feel advancement when the trend rolls out. Let’s head in some digital art illustration & graphic design art trends for crafting the impressive designs. Designing itself is a huge field & include specific trends for each sub-field.

Surface design:

Surface design

The alluring texture is a key for the surface design. There must be a good vision behind each surface pattern design & sophisticated, bright color palette & amazing texture. Surface design trends revealed by the renowned designing firm is here:

Trends in Surface Design:

  • Immersive texture: Surface designers consider the material choice or the composition of materials while creating the fresh designs. An attractive composition of graphic composition & texture is a point to consider for the modern designs.
  • Designs made with Geometrics: A blending & fusion of stripes, chequers, chevron, broderie, etc. really works in the most recent surface pattern designs. Mix your knack of craft & colors with the modern technology software. Believe me, the results will be mind-blowing.
  • Make use of bright colors: Vibrant colors set well with each other if combined properly. They leave a high impact on viewers’ minds. Neon colors give a modern look to the surface designs. And architects who are working on making the modern designs try neon colors for a bright look.

Graphic design:

Graphic design

Graphic design trends are influenced by the fashion. Each designer must have to be aware of the sizzling elements of designing. Graphic design illustration has a wide platform as it can be applied to the website design, app design, brochure design, logo design and much more. What is trending in Graphic design? Have a look at the below points.

Trends for Graphic design:

  • Custom illustration: Custom & imaginary illustrations in the graphics design have made their place in the most recent designs created by the experts. Imaginary & more personalized illustrations to convey the message nicely.
  • Significant Typography: Big & bold typography using exclusively newly introduced crazy font style is a center of attention nowadays. Set the fonts in a dramatic style to get the best out of it. Specifically, for the cover pages or the headings, this trick leaves a cool impression.
  • Geometric shapes: In Graphics designs motif designs made with the geometric shapes look mind blowing. This idea is best suited to be applied in the individual graphic elements, as backgrounds as an illustrative technique, etc. Many companies offering graphics designing services also consider this.

Play with bright colors: It’s a craze of using Neon, bright & saturated colors in the graphics design. People can easily notice the colors & can be enticed. Designers must have knowledge of using the bright colors nicely.  There are much moreGraphics design trends that you must look after before you start.

Logo Design:

The logo is an identity of your business. Someone can just recognize your brand through the logo. For engaging the clients, it must be magnificent. There are obviously no static trends in logo designing. They keep rolling on. The proficient designers offering professional logo design services have forecasted the trends of logo designing.

Trends for logo design:

  • Flat Designing: Big brands have already followed this tactic. They believe in being simple & sober. Flat logo designs are dominating the world as they look clean, load fast, support all devices nicely.
  • Handmade designs: Talk your brand’s personality with the relevant font style & present it in a logo which speaks out your business. Handmade fonts create a buzz around it as anybody has never seen it before so, it sounds interesting.

Kinetic Logos: Dynamic logos with dynamic transformations get easily printed on the viewers’ minds. In this most recent style of logo design, the logos change but remain same. The appearance of logos gives an ultimate freshness.

MonoLines: Sometimes, it is not required to create complication in design. The simple, clean & fresh look can also be the choice. Monolines drew elegantly gives a good charm in logo designing. To deliver the best, follow the specific logo design trends.

Character Design:

Character design means out of the box thinking, imagination & creation with innovation. Each designer does not have guts to shape up any character. The prominent designers from industry talk a lot with their reviews on Character design art. It takes a long time to think & manipulate a character with the pencil, brush & colors.

Trends for character design:

  • Storytelling: Considering this aspect is must. The Back-story of the character design gives a life to the character. Thought process must be fast as the story & character both are equally important. Create or relate an interesting story with the design.
  • Engaging: The characters you build must be engaging. Make the impressive shape & fill the vibrant colors to attract people easily. There must be versatility in each character your design. The colors, shapes, characters must reveal their own identity.

Business Card Design:

Business cards represent your business. There is also a revolution in the business card designs. A lot of new designs are introduced every year by the creative minds. In the world of business card designs, there are also the trends to look out for:

Trends for business card design:

  • White will win: Designers are making a move with the pure white designs. It is predicted that maximum business cards will include classic white color. Cards are supposed to become thicker & heavier. An overused number of colors will get less attention with compare to the classic white designs. Even the other experienced card designers also have written great articles. And I personally also make the designs by following the tips of other experienced designers.
  • Multiple Shapes: As per the recent trends, designers are also experimenting other shapes excluding the ideal rectangle shape. Cards with the rounded edges, squares and diamonds also have a good demand.
  • Flip Side:  In the old days, the flip side of the business cards was put blank. As per the current trend, the flip side of the card is also utilized. The top card designs also include the great work in the flip side of the card. Designers started filling the flip style with the brand relevant colors, brand logo, etc.
  • Quality: First-grade designs are always appreciated. Pretty looking cards are enough to generate genuine inquiries. High-quality card designs leave an amazing impression of your business. Designers are investing a good time in creating the fantastic designs.

Concluding Note:

Stepping ahead with the trends is crucial for any business to get the best out of the market. A good design has the capability of delivering a good business message to your client. Hence, designers put their efforts to deliver the best & following the trends can help them to do so.

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